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Arvo Q. Mikkanen, OIBA President(Kiowa/Comanche)
Assistant U.S. Attorney
Office of the U.S. Attorney -
Western District of Oklahoma
210 Park Ave., Suite 400
Oklahoma City, OK  73102
405/553-8737; 405/553-8888 fax

J. Lisa Impson OIBA
Vice President
Office of the Gaming Commissioner
The Chickasaw Nation
PMB 228, 902 Arlington Center
Ada, Oklahoma 74820
580.310.0571  fax

Joe Williams, OIBA
Pitchlynn & Williams
717 S. Cheyenne Avenue
Tulsa, OK  74119
405/447-4219 fax

Josie Stanley, OIBA
Oklahoma Indian Legal Services
Oklahoma City, OK 

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OIBA President Arvo Mikkanen (3rd from right) with staff of the 3 U.S. Attorney's Offices in Oklahoma at the Annual Sovereignty Symposium Legal Conference in Oklahoma City. From left: U.S. Attorney Sanford Coats - WDOK, AUSA Trent Shores - NDOK, AUSA Don Gifford - WDOK, AUSA Clint Johnson - NDOK; AUSA Dean Burris - EDOK.
OIBA Past Vice President Stephanie Hudson Burghart of Oklahoma Indian Legal Services (OILS) at the Southern Plains Child Protection Team Pow Wow with information about the Holiday Foster Care Angel Tree Drive in September 2010. Donations were made to OILS for the effort to benefit needy children & families.
Left to Right – Bottom Row: Arvo Mikkanen(Kiowa/Comanche) (OIBA member), Jeff Davis (Turtle Mtn. Chippewa), Jan Morley (Turtle Mtn. Chippewa), Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Director – Marshall Jarrett, Deputy Attorney General – David Ogden, Associate Attorney General – Tom Perrelli, Leslie Hagen, Vincent Kirby, Kerry Jacobson, Tricia Tingle (Choctaw) (OIBA Member). Top Row: Scott Kerin, Vince Carroll, Traci Whelan, Randy Seiler, Tom Rice, Jan Sharp, Kyle Nayback (Sault Ste. Marie Chippewa).

On September 11, 2009, U.S. Department of Justice Leadership, including Deputy Attorney General Ogden, Associate Attorney General Perrelli, and Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys Director Jarrett, met with a group of AUSAs and AUSA Tribal Liaisons from around the country. The discussion focused on public safety concerns in Indian country, the federal response to criminal justice and social service issues on reservations, and proposed solutions for improving the Department’s response to crime in Indian country.
Oklahoma Indian Bar Association and Oklahoma Indian Legal Services (OILS) Officers help bag up toys and gifts collected for children in tribal foster care as part of the annual "Angel Tree" Collection Drive. Items were donated by OIBA members and others to OILS and OILS attorneys purchased for over 100 kids in foster care among 7 tribes in Oklahoma. The items were delivered to the Southern Plains Child Protection Team and the Comanche Nation Child Welfare on December 20, 2010. Additional toys were collected during the 2011 Holiday season for over 80 needy children. We are currently collecting donations for use during the 2013 holiday season. Contact if you would like to make a donation.

Pictured (L to R): Stephanie Burghart Hudson (Kiowa), Arvo Mikkanen (Kiowa/Comanche), Colline Keeley (Comanche), Josie Stanley (Cherokee).

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The OIBA is not an advocacy group and does not have organization attorneys that are available to represent individuals or entities in litigation, nor are we able to provide any legal advice. Many of our individual members are practicing attorneys and can represent individuals, businesses, government entities, and others. If you are looking for an attorney to represent you in a matter involving practice in tribal court, tribal law or federal Indian law issues, you are welcome to contact one of our members directly. Alternatively, you may send an email describing your particular need or interest in hiring an attorney, along with your contact information, to and it will be forwarded to our membership who may or may not respond to your request.

The OIBA periodically sponsors recreational, social and networking events for its members, luncheons where speakers are invited, and conference receptions. The OIBA provides for communication between its members through an e-mail listserv.

Please feel free to contact one of our officers for further information. The annual meeting June luncheon, and other social and recreational events and activities for the membership are supported by yearly dues paid by the membership, as the organization is not for profit and does not generate income, engage in any fundraising, or other similar activities.

UNLESS YOU HAVE PAID YOUR MEMBERSHIP SINCE JANUARY 1, 2014, YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES ARE NOW DUE. Also, OIBA is not the same as the Indian Law Section of the OBA which is paid when you renew your state bar membership.

Membership is complete once we receive your payment. You can mail your completed membership form to OIBA, P.O. Box 1062, Oklahoma City, OK  73101.

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The Oklahoma Indian Bar Association is a group of Native American and non-Indian attorneys, judges, law students, and tribal court clerks interested in the advancement of the understanding of federal Indian law in Oklahoma.
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